Date: February 13, 2018   

Topic: Evaluating Sacroiliac joint fusion from SI – Bone (an orthopedic group who specializes in sacroiliac joint fusion)
There will be an orthopedic surgeon present to demonstrate the provocative test recommended for sacroiliac issues prior to referral
Speaker: Andy Vaughan, PA                    
Venue:  J Prime Steakhouse
 1401 N. Loop 1604 W
 San Antonio, Tx 78258
Sponsor : 
Rep: ​Rachel Brightbill
**​**ALL are WELCOME to come, but must RSVP Ms Maria Barnes by texting her at 210-683-2681, you can email her at (NOT THE REP)***
Sign in at 6 pm. Please do not arrive before 6. Meeting at 6:30 pm. Speaker starts at 7 pm. followed by Q & A session
Please remember you must identify the type of APN, employment affiliation and phone number in order to come with RSVP.
There has to be a job site, address, title, nursing license and NPI number. No one can attend that does not have a current APRN license and the number has to be given to me on line or in hand at the meeting. No LICENSE, NO ADMISSION
(this is a request from all the reps this year due to the pharma guidelines.) ALL MUST !
RSVP SITTING is LIMITED. Please text “RSVP” Today to Maria Barnes. NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE. Just texting at 210-683-2681. You can e-mail me at
STUDENTS: in order to request preceptors you are required to be a paid SANAP member and attend the meetings. This is a pre-requisite. It does not guarantee a preceptor THERE IS a LIMIT on the NUMBER of STUDENTS who can ATTEND this month
FYI: Please – cancellations should ideally be done by 4 PM, as soon as you know if you are not able to come. This way members won’t get stranded on the wait list, as many can come with last minute notice.  
If you want to join SANAP as a student, this is the process: Students must be enrolled in an Advanced Practice Program and be attending class. Do not mail in dues and forms. You must bring them to the meeting. You must RSVP in order to attend the meeting. You will need to bring: proof of enrollment in MSN or DNP program, $25 dues, member data form filled out off of home page, and your nursing license number. Any questions, please text 210-683-2681, or email me at  I will reply to all emails or texts. We welcome students, but can’t accommodate those not yet in a program

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